Nana Yaa

Hello there lovers 😍 , It is another weekend. How was your weekend? 😊 I hope it was as good as mine. If it is your first time here,welcome to the family. I promise you are going to love it here. Do stick around. To my old readers, thanks for the love. It is Amazing!! 😆🙈Today’s episode is dedicated to baby brother Godwin Mitchual. You have been such … Continue reading Nana Yaa

One Hundred Things That Make Me Happy!

I have been meaning to do this a long time ago, to let you guys know things that make me happy but I hadn’t made the list, I wasn’t sure I would get one hundred things that really make me happy. I initially saw this on  and just recently I saw it on and I realized it’s actually a thing now so I decided … Continue reading One Hundred Things That Make Me Happy!